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FF Firearms

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alma barraza
3 hours ago

Excellent service very knowledgeable, great place if you are an experienced gun owner or just starting , as a woman they never made me feel intimidated or mansplain to me! So ladies if u ever wanted to own a pew pew this is the place!

Kevin Maciel
5 days ago

If you buying a firearm this is the place to come, friendly super knowledgeable staff quick easy reliable service 10/10

Kevin O
a week ago

Great lil one stop shop. I live around multiple firearm stores and the service and insight these dudes give you is imo better than any of these other places out here.

keenan simien
a month ago

Best gun store I’ve been too! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and are more than willing to help/educate you about their inventory. Can’t wait to go back and get my next firearm.

A Golden Soul
a month ago

My New Place for Guns, Gun Care and Ammo Really Fair and cool people

Ignacio Fonsseca
a month ago

Had a good time at this place. Easy process and a nice selection.

a month ago

Great customer service. Very helpful. Answered every question I had thoroughly. I highly recommend this place.

Jeff Schwartz
a month ago

Always a great experience. Staff is helpful, and very knowledgeable.

Got my new Glock 23 for 600$ which is a good price. I was looking for either Beretta Px4 Storm 40 cal, Sig Sauer sp2022 40 cal or Glock 23. I went there, hold all of them and asked questions, then chose Glock 23 after satisfaction. Said and Mona are very friendly and will answer all your questions. Place is not that hard to find if you know how to use a GPS. I just took my test filled some forms and in 10 minutes I got my DROS paper with 10 days wait time and on my 10th day I went there and picked it up without wasting any more time.

Trevor Dee
3 months ago

The staff are really friendly and always were, even when I was a new shooter.

David Vital
4 months ago

Really good service, I bought guns and just got this beauty. And great prices on ammo. Just got this nice one of them.

3 months ago

Guys are professional! Quick and efficient and answer all questions professionally. All cool peeps there

Jesse MacShane
10 months ago

FF firearms is honestly one of the best firearm shops in the SGV area. I came in and had to renew my FSC. They got me situated easily and was ready to purchase. This was not my first time at FF but it was my first purchase. The reason I came back is because of how they helped me before. I had planned to pick up a Glock before but life didn’t work out and they worked with me to help me out. It’s that kind of customer service that keeps me coming back.

Ping Long
3 months ago

Great neighborhood LGS to shop and support. Folks in there are knowledgeable and friendly. Dog friendly too. Price match as well.

a year ago

Great shop set-up they have out here, been here for my first two gun purchases and the staff had been really helpful and knowledgeable to help me choose. Really greatful for the help and DEFINITELY RECCOMEND 👍

Carlos Castro
a year ago

For my first time buying an AR the employes were really helpful in showing me how the gun functions. They made me feel welcomed. Will definitely be buying all my firearms from this location.

Luis Aparicio
3 months ago

Second time purchasing my weapon and they never let me down they have anything u need I recommend it

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