HK, 33A2, Excellent, Pre-May, Keeper #3025138


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HK, 33A2, Excellent, Pre-May, Keeper #3025138 for sale

HK 33A2, .5.56mm, Pre-May Machine Gun Registered as a Selective Fire Machine, Safe-Semi-Full and Totally Upgraded by Mr. Terry Dyer. In Excellent Condition


Gun is in Excellent Condition SEF Trigger Group, Original Magazine and Magazine Paddle Release, Correctly Stamped & HK Magazines.

This gun has been recently serviced by Terry Dyer using our standard work order of “Make it Right”. What this means to you, is that once you receive your gun, you will be able to go out and enjoy it to its fullest (or stick it in the safe, knowing it is ready to go), because no expense has been spared in making sure it runs to its full potential.

The checklist that each gun received includes the following:

  • Complete visual inspection
  • Initial test firing for function and safety
  • Re-engraving of model when applicable
  • As necessary, strip the gun to bare metal, parkerize the base metal to act as a primer to promote better  paint adhesion, and finally apply a special 3 part paint to bring the gun back to better than factory appearance
  • Verify headspace, timing, check bolt, extractor, etc.
  • Modify for a magazine paddle release when needed
  • Install the proper trigger housing
  • Add a 3-lug adapter or replace the barrel as needed
  • Final test firing and cleaning

There is a long waiting list for any good HK smith to properly inspect and upgrade a HK product – we have taken that worry and wait out of the equation so we can offer the finest HKs on the market. As with all DealerNFA, Inc. guns, this items is owned by us, and is in stock at our Miami office, where it is available for inspection or eForm transfer to a dealer in your state.


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