New In Box Factory Colt M16A2 Model R0977 M4 Carbine (SAFE-SEMI-AUTO)


New In Box Factory Colt M16A2 Model R0977 M4 Carbine (SAFE-SEMI-AUTO) for sale  |  Colt M16A2 R0977 M4 Machine Gun Pre86 Transferable

The infamous Pre-86 civilian fully transferable brand new, in the factory original box, Colt M16A2 M4 Carbine (SAFE-SEMI-AUTO) Model R0977 machine gun.  This machine gun is on Colt’s latest and greatest 4th generation M4 front pivot pin and rear buffer tube re-enforced receiver and comes in the latest and greatest deep mil-spec anodized black finish.  This is an extremely rare and unique opportunity to have the chance to own a new and updated Colt M16A2 M4 configuration that is fully transferable.  If you are an avid and serious collector, you know that these simply do not become available and stay in private hands which is why they are rarely spotted in the public market.The machine gun was manufactured at the Colt factory on their Military and Law Enforcement production assembly line.  The factory oil is still on the rifle.  The rollmarks are deep and clear.  Not a single imperfection.  This comes with the factory barrel wick, sealed factory original accessory pack, factory original cardboard box with matching serial # and barcode sticker, as well as the matching serial # and barcode sticker on the factory clear plastic bag the machine gun was in when it left the Colt factory.  This is a beautiful weapon.

This is a Pre-86 civilian fully transferable machine gun which is an NFA item.  Purchasing this machine gun does not require any special license.  If you can pass a NICS background check, if you are able to own a pistol, rifle, shotgun, suppressor, short barrel rifle, grenade launcher, any other weapon, etc. – you are able to own this machine gun.  This is on a Form 4 with my trust.  I would expect that from the time payment is received you should be able to receive the machine gun at your FFL in 7-12 months – transfers from an individual to FFL / SOT process faster than transfers from a FFL / SOT to an individual.


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