SIG 553 5.56x45mm 8.9″ MACHINEGUN


SIG 553 5.56x45mm 8.9″ MACHINEGUN for sale

Sig 553 8..9″ semi auto pistol converted to MG.  Includes original serial # matching semi auto lower as well as 4-POS (0,1,3,Full) lower.  New ODG stock.  Material added to the original bolt.  Comes with 2x 30rnd mags.  Dead Air KeyMo mount.  Midwest Ultra-Low RMR mount.  Holosun 507C-X2 optic.

THIS IS A NO LETTER POST 86 DEALER SAMPLE.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT IS, YOU DON’T HAVE THE LICENSES NEEDED TO ACQUIRE.  IF YOU ARE AN 01,02,03,06 FFL YOU CANNOT ACQUIRE THIS.  All firearms, parts and accessories are in my possession at my warehouse. As per ATF § 479.105 (f), they will transfer as no law letter machine guns to other 07/02’s or higher standing licenses. We will not accept demo letter purchases. Actual shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. Please do not bid if you do not have a FFL/SOT. You will be responsible for auctions fees if you inappropriately bid on these items and can not legally possess them.  This will ship insured, adult signatured required.  No exceptions No trades. 


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