West Hurley M1A1 Thompson 45 acp


Buy West Hurley M1A1 Thompson 45 acp for sale

West Hurley M1A1 Thompson 45 acp

**AUTO ORDNANCE WEST HURLEY M1A1 THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN (C&R). SN M414A. Cal .45 ACP, 11″ bbl. This is a straightforward West Hurley M1A1 Thompson with a horizontal forearm, no compensator, and includes a nice vintage “Nobuckl” sling with a “7-21-14” patent date, and ten 30-round magazines marked “U.S.-30 CARTRIDGE-CAL.45”.

Forend assembly has crept forward about 3/8″ from the receiver socket and needs to be put back into place, however, this does not affect the functioning of this firearm. Rear sight assembly is riveted to the top of the receiver and rivets are coming loose as stated above. Both forend and buttstock move slightly in their mountings. This is a later production model of the iconic submachine gun in its simplified production form.

The firing mechanism functions smoothly when operated by hand. Magazines fit properly in the magazine well. This weapon appears fully functional. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance are excellent. 97% deep lustrous blue on all metal parts with some slight loss of finish at the magazine release lever.

Riveted rear sight assembly coming loose and in need of attention. Bore is shiny but frosty in the grooves. Bolt face extremely fine. Wooden furnishings show some handling marks with two 1/4″ noticeable bruises in the forend. Otherwise, the wood is in excellent condition. Sling is in excellent serviceable condition. Magazines are extremely clean in the high 90% of the deep blue finish. This could be a bargain for someone. 4-47317 JWK27 (8,000-12,000)


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