MAC M10-A1 Marietta GA 9mm – Sub-Machine Gun


MAC M10-A1 Marietta GA 9mm | Buy MAC M10-A1 Marietta GA 9mm online


A MAC rarity – the M-10 BRIEFCASE SYSTEM.  This system’s M-10 in 45 acp was made by MAC in Powder Springs, Georgia.  The RPB suppressor, purpose-designed for the briefcase application, serial number S0002K – the second suppressor made in this configuration!  Note the barrel port cover – concealed beneath a business card on the side of the briefcase.  Triggering device at the bottom of the case.  This is the hard item to find centerpiece when assembling a MAC collection.

M10-A1 MAC 10 in 9mm, manufactured when MAC relocated to Marietta, Georgia.  Original box.  Virtually unfired.


Matching serial numbered M-10 in original box and Sionics suppressor with Nomex cover, both early products of the Powder Springs MAC plant.   Unfired.  With early green INGRAM SUBMACHINE GUN OPERATING MANUAL.


Early M-11 in 9mm Kurtz – 380 auto & RPB 380 suppressor.  Dual markings – MAC’s Powder Springs & RPB’S Atlanta addresses. M-11 380’s are smaller and lighter than the M-10.

Also original MAC submachine gun operating manuals, extra barrels, parts, Cobray magazine pouches and other items important to build your collection.


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